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I am having a few issues with the theme, the colors are not consistent across browsers. The navigation and links are the same colors on desktop Firefox, but not on Chrome or Mobile Firefox. I haven’t tested other browsers yet. I’m using the custom colors option.

Also, on the full page blog, the feature image is to the left of the content on desktop instead of full width and stacked on top. Is it possible to change this?

Sorry but I do not have an option to hide it.

I would also suggest to change themes….Canuck is no longer listed at WordPress.org. I will not be supporting it any longer because of the Guttenberg integration.

Hi Kevin,

Loving the theme as always.

I’ve discovered an issue with the Twitter embed feature in WordPress. I’ll try to explain the steps to replicate this below.

1. Click the share link on a Tweet and click Copy link to Tweet.
2. Paste the URL into a WordPress Post, such as https://twitter.com/BBCMOTD/status/1403700170118807553?s=20
3. WordPress does its magic and changes the URL into a visual tweet on the post.
4. Publish the post.
5. View the page
6. The tweet is shown.
7. Some time later, check the post again
8. The Tweet is not shown visually, just the URL is shown (https://twitter.com/BBCMOTD/status/1403700170118807553?s=20)
9. Edit the post
10. Paste the URL again, but change the s= number at the end (I believe Twitter uses this to track shares on different types of devices)
11. The Tweet is shown properly for x amount of time before it stops displaying and just shows the URL again. Changing the s= number fixes this again temporarily.

I’ve been trying to do as much testing as I can on this, but it just seems very random. Some of the posts on my site never have an issue, but others need this temporary fix applied frequently.

I did a lot of searching of forums for WordPress Twitter embed issues, but couldn’t find any.
I then cloned my database and set up a dev version of the site so I could play around with it.
On this dev version I switched from the Canuck theme to the default Twenty Twenty-One theme and the issue was resolved. This makes me think there is something within the theme that is causing this to happen.

Would it be possible to investigate this?


Hmm, I’m not sure why the Canuck would start doing this. Perhaps it has to do with WordPress Core as it progresses to full site editing. I am definitely not a Guttenberg fan and have only made minimal changes to accommodate the Guttenberg implementations. I am assuming that you are using the latest version of WordPress, and when you switched to Twenty Twenty-One, you were using a fully Guttenberg compatible theme.

I will warn you that my updates will stop at some point, as I refuse to make any major changes to Canuck because of Guttenberg.

I will however take a look at it when I get a chance.

hi Kevin,

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I am using the latest version of WordPress. I have also tested disabling every plug-in but it seems to be the theme that’s the issue.

Thank you

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for testing this.

I’ve managed to spin up a separate test environment and I’ve published several pages with various twitter embeds to try and replicate and issue on a site which I’d be able to share with you. I’ll let you know if the issue happens again.


Hy Kevin,
are there any problem with Polylang translation plugin in Canuck Home Page?
No problem in the others pages, but i can’t translate the home page with the language switcher, it reports errors in Section9 and Home page feature slider 3:1.
Am i missing something or the plugin is not compatible with canuck feature homepage?

Very good theme
Greetings from Italy

Partially solved.
Home feature slider works if the category name is the same for every language.
Still some trouble with portfolio, not all the pages linked are in the language selected.

Thanks for your reply


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