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Leave a support question in the comments here, and I wll try to help you. Provide as much detail as possible please.


Hi Kevin
I’ve set up a blog page on this site: https://staceylouiseweddings.co.uk/category/blog/

But I can’t change the page title from Category: blog. I’ve gone into: Customising ▸ Canuck General; Exclude Categories & if I tick the “Exclude Categories from posts and lists” for the blog category, the ‘publish’ button doesn’t illuminate, so cannot save the change. Am I doing something wrong?

Cheers Tony

You are not setting up your blog page correctly, you are showing a category page. By the way it looks like you are using an out of date version of Canuck. What version are you using. The tags shown in the title should not be there.

To set up a blog page create a new page and call it “Blog”. Do not add any content. Publish the page. Go to Customizer and under “Homepage Settings” select “Blog” as your “Posts page”. You should have “Your Home page displays” => “a static page” already set. You may need to fix up your menu and add the “Blog” page to it.

Hope this helps.

Hi Kevin – many thanks for the super quick response. I’ve updated Canuck to the latest version & updated the blog page set up as suggested & that works nicely now. However, all my posts are now shown on the blog page, including those I created for portfolios & sliders. I’ve gone into Customising ▸ Canuck General; Exclude Categories & if I tick the “Exclude Categories from posts and lists” for the blog category, the ‘publish’ button doesn’t illuminate, so cannot save the change. Am I doing something wrong?

I have identified a problem with a jquery script, that is related to the new version of WordPress and the new jquery supplied with that.

WordPress installed a jQuery plugin to help us manage when problems arise.

Find the jQuery Migrate plugin and set the jQuery plugin to the legacy version.

I will look to solve the problem and provide an update in the near future.

Well I’m pleased it wasn’t me screwing up 😉 That worked – many thanks. There’s a chance I may make a wedsite builder one day 😉

Many thanks

Hi Kevin. Did you fix the jquery script problem in the last update? I still have the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper plugin & I get a message stating that this is not a fix. It is a temporary solution to give your plugin and theme authors time to update!

Hi. I am trying to exclude my feature posts from my blog posts since I am just using them to create my slider, and it is not letting me exclude them… Any reason you can think of that this feature isn’t working? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hello, love your theme. I am trying to eliminate the sidebar all together on blog posts, I would like full page with pages. I have tried to set the layout as such, but no matter what I do, I am unable to remove the default sidebar. Can you help? Thank you!

Hi Dean

You can set the layout for the blog in the Canuck Blog options panel in customizer. The page layout is set at the bottom of the admin edit panel for the page you are working on. Other layouts are handled in the Canuck Layouts panel in customizer.

Hope that helps.

Hi, where do I find the option to enable the widgets for A and B in the standard page section of Canuck. I am currently using it on my site and can’t for the life of me change the widgets. It places them on the right hand side of the page for both A and B. Lovely theme! 🙂

I’m assuming the Standard Page you are referring to is the Blog Page. Go to Customize->Canuck Blog->General Blog Options and set the layout there. Once the layout is set, you can drag widgets to the Blog A and Blog B widgetized areas ….see Appearance->Widgets.

Hi! There seems to be extra commas at the end of the str_replace lines causing WordPress errors in kha-customizer.php when you try to customize the theme? Manually resolved it by removing these, would be very pleased if this was patched for Canuck theme as soon as possible!

Best Regards,

Hi Kevin,

I love your theme. I’m new to wordpress and it’s the first theme I picked and now I’m hooked.

One thing I noticed and can’t seem to fix myself though is when clicking on a category or tag link the page has tags showing around the title.

Screenshot: https://snipboard.io/86p4Gr.jpg

I did a lot of searching for how to fix this but it seems it’s something that is built into the theme’s code. I did check category.php and tag.php but the code appears auto generated from a function and I can’t see where that function is called from.

Any help would be most appreciated.


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for fixing the span issue.

I noticed after updating to the new version that the arrows at the bottom of posts which show the previous and next posts are no longer showing.


Hi Kevin,

I’m new to both WP and your theme. I have to say it does look promising for me to get my site up. I don’t have much content so I’d like to disable the search function and icon (at the top header). I couldn’t find how to do this from the theme customisation options (unless I’m missing something). I installed the “popular plugin” Disable Search but activating does nothing.
Any ideas?

Thank you in advance

Hi Kevin.
Thanks for your theme. Its working great.
I just wanted to know if there is a way of changing the transition effect on the front page sections, e.g. when I scroll on my homepage through to Section 1 text area, the text zooms onto my screen, but I would like just that section to appear straight away with no effect. Is there a way to edit the effects on the front page?

Hello Kevin.

Congratulations on your work, it is very good!

I updated the canuck theme today, and the fourth image of section 8 (4 service boxes) is duplicated. I have changed the image, and checked that everything was as in the other boxes, but I can’t find a solution. Before the update it worked perfectly.

How can it be fixed?

Thanks in advance.


So I double checked the section 8 code and checked the online demo and the sandbox demo and everything seems to be working. The latest version is 1.2.5, is that what you are using.

Hi Kevin. Greetings from Spain. Thank you very much for your theme. I really like it.

I wonder is there is a way to use two “three service boxes”, one abobe the other, in my homepage. But each one of the them, with diferent pictures, not the same “three services box” duplicated.

It turns out that I just have 6 images that I want to put in the boxes, and for it to be beautiful I would need 3 +3 boxes.

Many thanks.
I hope that you and yours are all well


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