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Leave a support question in the comments here, and I wll try to help you. Provide as much detail as possible please.


Hi Kevin, beautiful theme !!! I have a question: in posts I can’t load the full size image, it is cut and presented in the form of a square. Is there a solution? Congratulations and thank you

Dear Kevin,
I solved watching the video about image resolution. Another question, Is there a way in the posts to disable the previous or next post link (right hand or left hand)?

Hey Kevin,

Love the theme, thank you for making it so simple to set up. Just a quick question about the post types.

I noticed that your Blog didn’t show your portfolio posts, how are you seperating the two?


The blog will show portfolio posts because they are just featured posts with a specific category. You can choose to not show posts of any category in the Canuck General->Exclude Categories section of the Customizer.

None of the sections work, regardless if I write Test or actually some shortcode inside. Literally nothing shows up on the home page unless you are in blog mode and then just the default header image full screen. No sections whatsoever….any advice

votre theme est super je souhaiterais cependant ajouter une nouvelle section dans la page d’accueil identique a celle dans template/parts/static_home_parts_one et ajouter un deuxieme bouton sur la section template/parts/static_home_parts_one est ce possible ?
J’ai déjà essayé de rajouter le bouton mais il n’ apparait pas dans la section administration section one du theme ?
merci pour votre réponse

Translate: your theme is great however I would like to add a new section in the home page identical to that in template / parts / static_home_parts_one and add a second button on the section template / parts / static_home_parts_one is this possible?
I already tried to add the button but it does not appear in the administration section one of the theme?

very good theme , wish the header image could display the original resolution and size without being corpped into smaller resolution.


Hi Kevin,
I’ve been working with your theme for a while now and it’s great, thank you.

I want to add a temporary Christmas countdown widget to home page section 1 (text/shortcode/widget), but it shows up right at the bottom of the section on computer screens so the button below it is lost below the fold. It does move up into view on mobile devices, which is fine.

Is there a way to move the widget display up to the top of the section please?
Many thanks and kind regards,

Thanks for getting back so quickly. It’s not a plugin. The widget was created on the Elfsight website and I added the code to the widgets list on Canuck manually.

Sorry but I can’t help you with out seeing the widget in service, or getting a copy of the code. The widget area coded very simply, so I suspect there may be issues with the widget code.

The widget code is:
***edited out ***

The widget itself works well, it's just the placement at the bottom of the segment that's the problem.

Hi Ann

That is not what I would call a WordPress widget….it is javascript injection. These home pages have not been designed at all for this kind of thing, and I just won’t spend the time troubleshooting what is going on…..sorry 🙁

Try searching for a countdown plugin at WordPress that will let you use a proper shortcode or a proper widget.

When I set up “Section X-Button Label” I can configure any button label I want but Canuck always sets title=”more” so that the browser tooltip for the button is always “more”. Is it possible to change the tooltip/title and if not, why is it “more” rather than something more generic like “click here”?

Just checked the 3 service box section and it is working fine.

Check that your cache is deleted so the page refreshes with the new information.

If that is not working, can you please provide the exact section(s) you are having problems with?

I have worked round the button title issue I reported before with some work in my child theme. It meant copying a lot of files through from Canuck which might give change control issues but it works for now.

Now I have noticed the wrapping caption issue reported by someone else here (https://wordpress.org/support/topic/image-caption-wrapping-uncontrollably/). I have applied the work-around suggested by “Otto” in the thread (I was already getting close under my own steam) but he suggests that it “Seems to be some kind of disconnect between your theme and the default WordPress styling.” I thought you might like to know.

Hi Kevin,

Thanks a lot for this Theme. I loved this theme and am planning to continue using it for my personal blog: https://wisdom2shine.com

I have a query regarding Home Page Sections: I was trying to add carousel from the feature pages of Stories and Site Pages in the sections that I have created. It successfully added the feature pages of Posts mapped to categories. However, if I am choosing the category that is set for the AMP stories, it does not recognizes.

Please guide how can i add the feature pages of the AMP stories and site pages in one of the section.

Also, if there will be a feature to add images (10-12 images) from the gallery to the Sections as miniature thumbnails, even then also it will help.

Hello Kevin,

Thanks for the great theme all the features and customization options. I would like help with the menu bar. On my page it scrolls to the middle of the website on desktop and on mobile instead of being fixed at the top of the page. How do I get it to just stick to the top of the page not be plastered in the middle of the pages whenever I scroll?

Thank you

Hello Kevin. Thank you very much for your theme. I love it and I am very happy to use it for my travel blog.
I have a question regarding the blog post design. I use the “default” layout. But when I publish a blogpost, the cover image is set on top left and then the text is aligned on the right.
It doesn’t appear like your demo theme and Idk why. I would love to have everything centered : cover image on top and the text centered just below. Can you help me?
You can visit this blog post if you want to visualizer my issue : http://lysaroundtheworld.com/france-fr/saint-malo/

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