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Leave a support question in the comments here, and I wll try to help you. Provide as much detail as possible please.


Is there a “full width” front page section that you can widgetize? I’d like to use third party widgets but it looks like there’s no single full width option?

Also, the Leave a Reply Comment section doesn’t seem to work in Chrome browser, as soon as I place cursor there it collapses. I’m in Edge right now to send this to you. 🙂

Hi Kevin,
Is there any way to reduce the font size of the image captions?
I tried adding:
.wp-caption .wp-caption-text {
font-size: 50%;
in the Additional CSS section of Customize. Didn’t work.

Hi Kevin,

Great theme! I was wondering if you can help me out, as I trying to keep all the “top bar” menu options font black, with a white background. For some reason, I can’t find any option to do so (it starts all white, on a white background, turning blue when highlighted, and green when selected) nor can I find any option to change the menu font colour, in general. Some other minor issues in your guide worth looking at when you have a chance in spelling and grammar – no big issue though!

Your detailed setup guide says the following, below, but all I see is “background colour”:


A little customization of theme colors is allowed here.

> Go to Appearance->Customize->Colors tab.
> Header Text Color: Set the color of the text that overlays your image used for the Static Home page or the Blog Page.
> Background Color – Set the background color for the header, title area, and main content areas of all pages except the static home page.Please remember that you can not change text or hover colors, so use a light background.

I only allow a change in the skins in the main theme. To start changing menu colors can get quite involved, I would suggest a child theme for that. A starter is available on my site.

Thanks Kevin, so to clarify, there is no way to keep my menu colour consistent as I scroll down? The header text starts as white and then changes to black the moment I start scrolling (as it does on the home page of this site). Surely it would be easier to keep the header text colour the same, throughout?

Could you also clarify the text in your documentation, which mentions that there is a “header text colour” section, under “colours”, but none actually exists in the customization options?

Sorry you can’t change the freeze menu unless you understand css and child theming.

The header text color applies to the text that overlays the image if you choose to use that on your home or blog page. It does not refer to the menu text.

Hello Kevin,

I love your theme! I was trying to see a preview of the theme while logged into my website (WordPress), but I’m getting a 404 error. Are you having any issues with the theme? Does your theme support IDX Broker collaboration for real estate sites?

I am not sure why that would be happening. The preview is working for me. Are any of the twenty theme previews working?

In theory, the theme should be compatible with any plugin. However to be honest some plugins can be an issue. The only way to know is to try it and see.

Hello Kevin,

Great theme and support!
Quick Question: I’d like a slider to be under the main menu like the featured image main page. Can you point me to where in your videos this might be explained? Or is this a CSS change I’ll have to explore?

Hi Kevin, I am considering migrating my website to use Canuck, and have studied your set of videos. Couple of questions:
1. the individual blog page appeared to be formatted to show the blog contents in two columns; left column containing only the featured image and the rest of the contents in the right column. Did I do something wrong or is the format can be changed?
2. Are masonary portfolio page and gallery blog page only work with woocommerce plugin installed?

1) Single post uses side-feature for the full-width layout, and top-feature for sidebar-left, sidebar-right and both-sidebar layouts. You set the layout in Canuck layouts->Single Page Setup. There are no options to change this any further.

2) masonary portfolio and gallery blog page are not intended for WooCommerce products.

Are you able to get rid of the post/blog section on the static page in the child theme? I also want my SGM logo to be my home page/static page when you go to the website having trouble.

Hello, sorry if this is a repeat. I posted on my ipad and didn’t see it was accepted. Love the theme, super straight forward except…under Homepage settings I have static page selected, Homepage is my Home page and Posts page is my Blog page, however, now when I click on my blog page it goes to the homepage and my blog is gone. Thank you for any insight as I have designed a great homepage and I’m almost ready to launch but the blog is an integral part of the website. Thanks for all you do!

Hi Karla

I went to your site and everything seems OK. It may have been a cache thing needing to work itself out.

Hi Kevin,
Is there a way to customize the colour under Customizing ▸ Canuck Styles Canuck: General Styles? Currently, there are only a few colour schemes available.
Gray with Red accent
Gray with Blue accent
Gray with Green accent
Gray with Pink accent
None of the colour schemes goes with my website colours.
The closest colour scheme to my website is the grey and blue accent but when I select that I notice that hover colour of some of the page names in the menu change to purple.
Can you please write me a shortcode that I can paste in the Additional CSS to fix this problem so that I can change the hover colour to my choice?
Thank you,

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