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Hi Kevin,
I came across Canuck while searching for an easy and customizable WordPress theme. I really like the theme and I was wondering if we can use a video footage with music instead of a slider or an image on the Home Page. If so, then can you please let me know the step by step instructions on how to add a video footage with music. Would the video footage play on the mobile devices?
I understand WordPress will be introducing a new editor Gutenberg. Is Canuck theme compatible with Gutenberg?

You can only use a slider in the feature area of the home page.
All themes will be compatible with Guttenberg. Guttenberg is simply a editor.

Hi Kevin, I have run into an interesting issue, only on my android browser (Chrome) when viewing a post with a lot of content, as I scroll eventually the text/images go invisible(text is selectable but looks empty, only see background) . All the way to the end of the main-section (footer is visible). When testing via desktop, it shows everything, it’s just on Android devices that I can replicate the issue? Any idea where I should have a look?

Link provided…


Sorry but I won’t be able to check this until after August 16.It sounds browser specific, and something that will take some digging to solve.

Hi Kevin, how do I setup link to different sections of the home landing page. I want it to serve as a single page website with links pointing to different sections using the /#section how do I set this up?

Sorry but that something you can’t do without custom programming. The Canuck theme is not designed as a single page theme.

Kevin –
What is the font that gets used for the Page titles when i create my own page? And where can i find it to edit it? I’ve searched through the whole Typography section and none of the headers seem to correlate to that header/title font.

One more question about styling. On my home page i have set up section 5 widgetized to show my recent posts. What controls the font and color of the title of each post in that section?


If you right click on the title you are interested, you can inspect the title and see where the styles are coming from.

Hi Kevin, I am a beginner; does Canuck have any built in page builder tools, other than the
ones built into the wp editor? I guess what I need to know, can it put up a single page landing site without using the wp editor? Do you know if it works with Brizy?
As a retired photographer I love the images in the theme. You did a great job!

Thanks, Ron Hays

Canuck has an extensive home page builder, and you should not need any other builder to set up your landing page.

Hey Kevin –
I have several pages I created using the Default template. They each have a giant white space lurking between the header menu and the first piece of content. I kind of think it is where the title might belong? But I don’t see a title. It’s just white real estate. (I’ve been everywhere I can think of making sure the Title wasn’t disabled somewhere. It doesn’t seem to be). Is there a way to get rid of that space? Or put something in it?

Hi. I am a total Newbie at WordPress. I am trying to set up a blog for me and my family about our move overseas. My first question has to do with layout. I see all these “areas” and “sections” but I am not sure I really understand what part of the pages they actually refer to. Is there some kind of map or something?
Second question: is there a way to set up separate Blog pages for each of us (I was thinking of letting my two kids have their own blog in addition to me)? Or a way to create a link from the homepage that would filter blog entries by author?
Thanks for any and all help! I’m trying to figure out if this is the theme for me and then will be donating soon!

Looks like you just need the blog page set up. If that is the case do not worry about the home page stuff, that is for a business landing page. Check out the tutorials and particularly the Blog one.

One more thing that has popped up. This seems like a ridiculous question but I feel like I might be missing a final step to make the site public. I have signed on to the published site as a Subscriber that i created in order to demo it. As of yesterday it was showing this user a WordPress Dashboard menu at the top. I found some code to hide that but I still see things that I would think would only be visible to a Builder or Administrator of the site. For example, in the footer of the site (as accessed by this Subscriber), it says: “This column is a widget area. Add widgets to this footer…”. There is also a section on a partially built page that tells the visitor: “You have not set up your Feature posts so I can not find any images – see user documentation.” Is that supposed to be there for visitors? Am I missing something?

Do not use any code to hide the dashboard, that should only show when yo log in to administer your site.

You need to populate the footer areas with widgets. See Appearance->widgets, and drag over a widget to the widgetized area.

Please see the tutorial on Featured Posts to learn how to use features in Canuck that need these type of posts.

The dashboard shows up whenever ANYONE signs in: subscriber, author, contributor, or administrator. They are not the same Dashboards, but the mene shows up at the top of the page for them to access their Dashboard. I don’t want that. Don’t understand why it is there.

It is a fundamental part of the WordPress backend. Theme Authors are not permitted to disable it ….. sorry.

So whenever anyone visits my website, they will have access to the Dashboard???? That seems bizarre to me

Of course not. People do not need to log in to access your site.

People who you give login access are folks you want to participate in blogging etc, or in administering the site. The general public accesses your site with out logging in.

People who subscribe to your site are sent emails when you do a post.

Yes. I think I figured out that was what was going on. I was using a plugin called Private Site. Just because I want the site to be provate. But I guess that comes as a side effect. Is there any way to allow me to invite visitors and have them log in but NOT have them see that sort of stuff? Just to log in as visitors?


There is possibly a plugin for that.

You can protect access to specific pages, requiring a password to access the page.

hi Mr. kevin,
i write, because i want know if the theme have a demo import, it’s a good help for the users of this template.
thanks for the attention.

I do not plan to set up demo content. I do have YouTube videos for setting up your home page.

Hi Kevin, I’m trying to change the colour of my hyperlinks. Tried using code suggested in other forums but doesn’t seem to work for this theme. I’ve tried the additional css tab in Customise, tried a CSS Plugin as well as finding the hyperlink code in the main theme code. Nothing seems to change it. Is there specific code needed for Canuck? Thanks!

At the moment it’s my in-text hyperlinks in my posts, they are just being displayed in a slightly lighter gray to the regular text and switch to purple when you roll over them. Was looking to change the colour and possibly add an underline to them?

Try the following:

/* Change links */
.post .entry-content a {color: #285eff; text-decoration: underline!important; }
.post .entry-content a:hover {color: #e82222; }

Hasn’t worked unfortunately, tried pasting the code in both the Additional CSS tab in Customise and also tried it in a CSS Plugin. Do I need to do anything to the main code of the theme for it to work or should it do it automatically?

No there is no easy fix.
The solution I gave you works on my test site.

Try deleting your cache if you are using a cache plugin.
Also delete your browser cache.

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