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Hello from France. I like this template very much and I’m experimenting with it just now for a friend.
I have the same logo problem as Blaine (December10). On the home page, it works perfectly but evrywhere else it reduces not proportionally. (pianos-selmersheim.fr). I tried different sizes including 230×100. I can see it works on this canuckdemo and spent alredy hours to understand what I’m doing wrong…

The logo changes size when the sticky header is used (when you scroll up). Looked at your site, and the logo set up looks fine for me.

Thank you… It works perfectly now… I don’t know why. Sorry about this !
I will ask my “customer” for a donation if he likes and uses this website !

Hi Kevin,
I’m working on a website and I need some info:
1. Is it possible to change the color of the menu when you visit pages?
2. If u visit the website Alejandroferrante.com you’ll se the font is really small. How can I change this?
3. Is it possible to change the color of footer?

You are using a plugin that has changed the font size in an html tag. All font sizes in the theme are set from the main body font. When you change this using <html>font-size:10px</html> all fonts are based on that. This is coming from the bootstrap.min.css file in the Magee Shortcodes plugin. The base font size should be 16px.

You can’t change the footer color at the moment unless you hack the css, which of course you are welcome to do.

I would recommend using a child theme if you are going to start making those changes.

I have a child theme set up you can download (for a small fee) available on my site.

Also the next update will allow you to change the footer color (but not the menu color)

Menu item linking to an area on the homepage

Hi Kevin,
When I set up the home page as a static landing page with area’s 1, 2, 3, etc. And I fill these area’s with your nice pre-defined sections.
Can I make a menu item that links to one of these area’s? Is there an easy way of doing this, or should I use an anchor link in a section?

I’ve never tried it but I suppose you could by adding an id in the html of the content in a section, then link to the id in a custom menu link.

Hi! Really great work!

I have a problem with slider, what size of image should be?
I tested it with 1900×635. When i gave bigger image, it was higher, but cuts up&down of picture.

I also made a slider with 1900x635px. but the resolution is awefull= not sharp. So i uploaded the photo with proportionally bigger (more that 5k px. width). Nothing changed.

I made it via new post, and featured image.
What the size should be? Or maybe some othe method to repair it?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Kevin,

your theme is very nice. Thanks for that.
But how did you set up the news feed icon on the top right corner?
Thank you in advance.



First I want to thank you for your work. The Canuck theme is awesome.

Here goes my problem.

When I enter the section “Canuck Headers” I see the options “image background options” and “contact information”, but nothing appears on the “social strip”. What do I have to do to make the “social strip” appear on the top right?

I send you a screenshot of the options I have in “canuck headers”


Thank you very much in advance.


I am assuming you are referring to comments for pages. Go to the Pages listing and select Quick Edit for the page you want. You can enable comments there.

really great work, I just sent my first donation 🙂 But I have a two simple newbie questions:
1) I wonder if there is any smart way to support a multilingual site with WPML?

2) Is there a way reference a specific post or page to be used inside of a widget? This would automatically solve 1) but I only found lists of posts.

I have never tested it with the WPML plug in. But I don’t know why it would not work. I’ll check into it a bit further. I did provide a custom social link for a user to add EN DE icons for switching language versions.

There should be a plugin that adds a post to a widget. Checkout the plugin directory at WordPress.org.

Let me know if you are still having problems

On the home blog page my logo “resizes” no problem when scrolling down, but when scrolling on other pages the logo get squeezed when the top menu shrinks.

Is there a way to stop this behaviour?

Hi Blaine, I am working on a update, but the logo will always be squeezed to a certain extent. Keep your logo to 230px wide (max) and 100px high (max), and you should be OK.

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