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Hello Kevin,

Thanks for the great theme all the features and customization options. I would like help with the menu bar. On my page it scrolls to the middle of the website on desktop and on mobile instead of being fixed at the top of the page. How do I get it to just stick to the top of the page not be plastered in the middle of the pages whenever I scroll?

Thank you

Hello Kevin. Thank you very much for your theme. I love it and I am very happy to use it for my travel blog.
I have a question regarding the blog post design. I use the “default” layout. But when I publish a blogpost, the cover image is set on top left and then the text is aligned on the right.
It doesn’t appear like your demo theme and Idk why. I would love to have everything centered : cover image on top and the text centered just below. Can you help me?
You can visit this blog post if you want to visualizer my issue :

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