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Hi Kevin,

your theme is really great. Congratulations! I have 2 minor issues, which I have not been able to figure out. Probably I am just not capable.

I want to align the front page title which appears in the middle of the starting page to the lower left corner. What css code do I need for that?

One several of the pages I plan to use a table with 2 columns. Left column will contain a picture, right column text. I want to vertically align both (text and picture) to the top. I was not able to figure out the css for that. Can you help me with that?

1) The title on the front page is specially designed so that it works on all media sizes. Extensive modifications would be required and I do not do custom changes.

2) You will need to find a plugin that will do that.

Hello Kevin,

I’m trying NOT to show the featured image on a post but even with Hide Featured Images plugin and this code (worked on previous sites), no luck.

.single-post .wp-post-image {
display: none;

Is there something in the theme that may be overriding what I want to do?

Canuck is an image based theme, and as such uses feature images extensively.

If you do not want to use feature images then, select the Top Feature layout in Appearance->Canuck Blog->General Blog Options->Blog Style drop down.

Then you must always use the standard post format. All the other blog layouts and post formats are designed to use feature images.

Perhaps a theme that does not use featured images would be more appropriate.

Also note that the featured images are set up in a special way in Canuck. So I am not surprised that a plugin to remove them does not work.

Hi Kevin,
The theme is working perfectly, but I want to adjust the desktop homepage menu and wondered if you could help please?
It all looks fine on the minimal mobile sizes, but on desktop the top of the page looks cluttered with the header and contact info, the menu and logo bar and then the image with overlaid text. I’d like to make the traditional menu show as a burger-style just on the desktop homepage, not on the rest of the desktop site. Is that possible please?

Many thanks

Hi Ann
I’ve taken a look at making the menu a hamburger style from the start and unfortunately it’s not a quick fix. Sorry but I do not have time at the moment for a more extensive revision.

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