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Good evening, Kevin.

Thanks again for your amazing work on the template. I am still installing but it is definitely going to be my template of choice!

I am placing TAGS on both Blog and Gallery (via a link called Brain Reboot). I have made a foot menu Tag Cloud, where all tags rightfully show up, but some of them (Gallery) show error pages when one clicks them. Please could you advise?

Thanks and regards.

Hi Kevin,

When typing in the search box of my (and yours as well) site, my typing is not visible… How can I change it?

In the editor-style.css (I didn’t change it, was just looking up if there was something about font-size of section 1) there is a fault in line 112. I don’t know what is wrong, but probably you will.

Hi, I’ve just taken over a site using Canuck, but there hasn’t been a child theme implemented – the site is just using the parent, a situation which I’m not happy with. I gather that you offer a child theme with the capability of editing the style file etc which is great.

Is it possible to install the child and then port over all the stuff that’s currently on the parent, please?

Many thanks

Hi again Kevin. I did go and buy the child theme and have received the Paypal confirmation. however, the acknowledgement on your page says that payment is pending and there isn’t anywhere to download the child, that I can find anyway.

Am I jumping the gun or is there a glitch, please?

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