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Hi Kevin, I’m trying to change the colour of my hyperlinks. Tried using code suggested in other forums but doesn’t seem to work for this theme. I’ve tried the additional css tab in Customise, tried a CSS Plugin as well as finding the hyperlink code in the main theme code. Nothing seems to change it. Is there specific code needed for Canuck? Thanks!

At the moment it’s my in-text hyperlinks in my posts, they are just being displayed in a slightly lighter gray to the regular text and switch to purple when you roll over them. Was looking to change the colour and possibly add an underline to them?

Try the following:

/* Change links */
.post .entry-content a {color: #285eff; text-decoration: underline!important; }
.post .entry-content a:hover {color: #e82222; }

Hasn’t worked unfortunately, tried pasting the code in both the Additional CSS tab in Customise and also tried it in a CSS Plugin. Do I need to do anything to the main code of the theme for it to work or should it do it automatically?

No there is no easy fix.
The solution I gave you works on my test site.

Try deleting your cache if you are using a cache plugin.
Also delete your browser cache.

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