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Canuck WordPress Theme

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Canuck WordPress Theme

Welcome to the Canuck WordPress Theme demo site.

This theme should work great for you right out of the box. However, if you are a website developer or someone who loves to add your own design ideas, you will find an extensive set of options available to you.

All features for this theme are available with this theme. There is no Pro Version, there is no up sell version. The options are extensive, the features are extensive, and everything is included. Try the theme out, if you like the theme, consider a donation to the Author. Any amount is gratefully accepted, but for a theme offering these features $25.00 seems a pretty good deal. Your donations provide incentives for the author to keep adding features and updates for the theme, and to provide support for any problems you may have.


Are you tutorials still online. I accessed them a few weeks ago but am getting a 404 now.
Trying to find out the ideal image size for featured image.

The youtube videos will be taken off at some point. I am moving to ClassicPress and I have a new theme there. The are no longer available through my site, but you can access them directly.

Your image should be 1100px wide and 733px high. You can vary the height a bit but check smaller media sizes to make sure the overlay text stays decently placed.

You can’t change the navigation bar color at this point. For a static home page or blog page that include an image you can change the overlay shadow in Canuck Headers. The scroll up header color is white and can not be changed.

See the theme photo, my logo is coming too much to the center. i want to place it to left extreme or a little inside. The logo is striking the steering.

I am getting warnings about your site security, maybe a bad SSL Certificate?

The best way to handle the logo is to create a PNG with transparent background and your logo where you want it. Make the png 230 px wide and 100px high.

Hi Kevin,

I absolutely love your theme and cannot wait to use it, however, I am having a little problem. Can you please let me know how I can change the blue picture from the bridge looking at a downtown skyline? I am not an experienced WP user but I think I have looked everywhere. Thank you so much for your help with this matter. Take care, Debra

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